Fruity Tipples Flavours


This Raspberry liqueur really tastes of fresh raspberries, because Fruity Tipples only use


real raspberries to add the flavour.Hand made by infusing British raspberries in smooth British spirit with the addition of some sugar to create the right balance. Light and fruity with a warming finish great for sipping or mixing.The raspberry flavour makes a very fine Mojito with fresh mint and Lime, a great BBQ drink! or why not add a splash to Prosecco Champagne or white wine, to make a raspberry flavoured Kir.





This award winning Strawberry liqueur really tastes of fresh Strawberries, because Fruity Tipples only use real strawberries to add the flavour. Hand made by infusing British


strawberries in smooth British spirit with the addition of some sugar to create the right balance. Strawberry nectar in a glass
with a real warm finish just like liquid strawberry jam. For an indulgent strawberries and cream

cocktail simply mix with cream and serve. Or mix with lime to create a classic Daiquiri. A great taste 2 star award winner in 2015 what are you waiting for !




A Yorkshire produced Limoncello that packs a really lemony punch. Lightly sweetened you get a real


taste of fresh lemons and a warming fininsh from the smooth British spirit. Each lemon is hand prepared to ensure a truely refreshing drink. It can be served chilled, or over ice before a meal to stimulate the appetite,  between courses as a pallette cleanser, or after as a light and refreshing digestif. It also makes a refreshing cocktail ingredient, mix with your favourite gin and a squeeze of lemon and lime to make a lemon martini shaken not stirred of course



Using only the finest British blackcurrants infused in smooth British spirit we have created a light fruity


blackcurrant liqueur. Dark and rich with fruity and woody notes. With a sharp and fresh aftertaste, like a grown up version of a drink you will remember from your childhood. A yorkshire cassis add to champagne or white wine to make refreshing kir Royales or kirs.  I love to serve with freshly pressed apple juice and a splash of amaretto to make an alternative kir.





Carefully prepared rhuarb is steeped in smooth british spirit to create an earthy rhubarb liqueur with


lightly textured grassy notes. This green earthy flavour really enhances the rhubarb flavours with a perfect balance of acidity and sweetness.

Served chilled over ice to really bring out the rhubarb flavours , for a longer drink shake over ice with some fresh ginger, strain and add a splash of soda.






A tart and tangy Cranberry liqueur made by infusing whole cranberries in smooth British spirit with


a little added sugar for balance. This is is a great cocktail ingredient , mix with peach juice to make a woo woo , or Raspberry Fruity Tipples and orange juice for a metropolitan. The finish is dry and goes well with tonic as an alternative to Gin.