We are a small family firm making quality award winning fruit liqueurs. All made with real fruit and no added preservatives , concentrates or artificial flavours. We use carefully selected varieties of fruit to make sure the end product looks great, but more importantly tastes great.

We are located a few miles outside Holmfirth in West Yorkshire famous for last of the summer wine. The business started as a bit of a hobby many years ago, as a great way of using up excess fruit from the small veggie patch we had on the farm. The real catalyst to start the business was a result of a happy accident. We had a freezer breakdown and in that freezer was a box of frozen raspberries. Unsure what to do with them, and with a store cupboard full of jam, a google search revealed a recipe for Raspberry liqueur.

We gave it a go and we now produce many litres and much bigger batches than the very first batch.We then had a go with blackcurrants from our allotment and found that worked too.  We now have to buy in Fruit from to keep up with demand as the veggie patch is just not big enough to cope.

Our range has grown from 4 flavours to 6 and we now produce 3 different sizes 500 ml 200 ml and 50 ml , and we do seasonal gift sets too. The taste is exceptional, a real blast of fruit followed by a lovely warm finish, although we add sugar to taste, they are not too sweet and syrupy. Each batch is tested at regular intervals until the taste is right, we then adjust the sugar if necessary to ensure a consistent end product. Every batch is then tested for ABV and the result is added to the label along with the batch code.

Our products are available online in our fruity Tipples shop and other on line retailers like Amazon Yumbles.

We also sell through independent retailers like farms shops, delis, wine merchants and garden centres. We are always looking for new stockists so please get in touch via our contact us page to suggest a retailer.

Go to our flavours page for more detailed tasting notes