Why Use Egg Whites in Cocktails?

It can be a little surprising when you read a cocktail menu and see egg whites listed as an ingredient but don’t be put off by it, egg whites have an amazing effect on the cocktails they’re included in!

The first thing that springs to mind when someone mentions consuming raw egg whites, and that is: is it safe to drink? In the United Kingdom, safety regulations require that most chickens are vaccinated for salmonella, so although it can’t be guaranteed 100%, the risks are very minimal. If salmonella was present, it would be visible from the outside of the shell, so bartenders are extremely thorough in checking that the shell is clean before they crack it. If you’re still wary, or maybe vegan, there are alternatives, for example, chickpea water (also known as aquafaba) has the same effect on a cocktail as egg white, however, it won’t be quite as silky smooth as egg whites are.

If the idea of drinking a drink that contains egg whites doesn’t bother you, then it’s time to explain what exactly egg whites bring to the cocktails they’re included in!

stawb drink egg white

It’s a very simple answer: they add a lot to cocktails! If you’ve ever seen a cocktail with a silky foam top, one that seems to last forever, that’s the egg white effect! As the cocktail is shaken, the egg whites are emulsified and thicken up, this is what provides the beautiful foam that allows bartenders to add garnishes to the top of the drink without them sinking. Egg whites also alter the texture of the cocktail, making it softer, and a lot smoother. If you’re worried about the egg whites effecting the drink’s taste, there’s no need; egg whites are almost entirely flavourless and are only there to boost the drink’s texture and overall look.

Any drinks which require a thicker body, but if you’re looking for some more specific examples, cocktails such as gin fizz, whiskey sour, pink lady, and pisco sour all have egg white as the main ingredient. However, egg white can be added to most cocktails, and a lot of bartenders will use egg whites for drinks such as the pornstar martini.

passion fruit egg white

So, does this make the ‘egg white’ listed on the bar menu a little less intimidating? It’s worth a try so you can see for yourself the impact it has on a cocktail!

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