All About Cosmopolitans

Just like any cocktail, opinions are divided on who was the person to create it, however the more interesting tale from the cosmopolitan comes not from its creator, but those who popularised it. It’s been credited that a mix of the character Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City, and the prominent gay community in Provincetown were the reason for the Cosmopolitans rise into cocktail stardom.

Although we cannot say for sure who exactly concocted the Cosmo, we do know for certain that this drink predates the second world war and was previously known as a Vodka Gimlet. Gimlets were created due to how poor the liquors tasted at the time. After the war was over, and Cointreau was discovered, we saw the first cocktails like the Kamikaze being created; and in the 80s, they added cranberry juice, and thus the Cosmopolitan was born.

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As previously mentioned, the gay community in Provincetown were widely known for sharing their Cosmopolitan cocktail with the world, however most people credit a bartender, Toby Cecchini, who was working at the Odeon for creating what we know today as a Cosmo.

Customers from Provincetown were asking for him to make them the cocktail they were obsessed with back at home, however the ingredients they were used to using were all cheap, and not something you would find present in an up-and-coming bar for the rich and famous in New York. So, he transformed the old Cosmopolitan which used cheap vodka, grenadine, and Rose’s lime juice (a concentrated fruit cordial), and upgraded it to a drink that combined Cointreau, fresh lime juice, a lemon flavoured vodka, and cranberry juice. It was an immediate hit, one that Cecchini said that even the likes of Madonna and Sandra Bernhard would regularly order what they called the ‘pink drink’ from him.

Although after the 90s, the Cosmopolitan faced a heavy decline, it seems to have been brought back into the limelight again, once more becoming a fan favourite among many cocktail drinkers. So now that it’s seeing its revival, make the most of it and make some for yourself!

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