Cranberry Liqueur

Captivating Cranberry Liqueur

Cranberry colour background enhanced

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Light, tart and tangy with a slightly bitter finish and floral notes

Light, deep red with a dry and tangy taste just like an Italian style aperitif. Whole cranberries are steeped in a smooth English spirit to create this brilliant pink, dry, bitter sweet cranberry liqueur. Delicately balanced flavours with pleasing elements of sloe. Mix with your favourite aromatic tonic instead of a G&T, or blend with gooseberry Fruity Tipples and a dry gin for an alternative negroni

Tasting notes

Light, dry and tangy, bright red in colour with delicate balanced floral flavours and a well-balanced bitter finish.

Serving suggestions

For an alternative negroni stir over ice with gooseberry Fruity

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