Gooseberry liqueur

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Delicate sharp grape like flavours of an English summer garden

Whole plump English gooseberries are steeped in a smooth English spirit to extract the delicate slightly sweet flavours found in this gooseberry liqueur. The flavour of gooseberry predominates with almost grape like qualities. Serve with elderflower flavoured tonic , or muddle kiwi and lime & add Fruity Tipples and crushed ice for a caipirissima.

Tasting notes

Gooseberry dominates with undertones of elderflower, light and slightly sweetened almost grapelike followed by a touch of dryness.

Serving suggestions

For an alternative negroni stir over ice with cranberry Fruity Tipples, for a caipirissima muddle lime and kiwi add Gooseberry Fruity Tipples and top with crushed ice.

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