A Deep Dive into Daiquiris

The Daiquiri has been recognised as a classic drink globally, with it being a popular item on the majority of cocktail menus. And this drinks history is as vibrant as the cocktail itself, so without further ado, let’s take a dive into the Daiquiri’s origin.

daiquiri orginal with rum lime juice and sugar cocktail The Birth of the Daiquiri
The first appearance of the daiquiri was in Cuba in 1900, mixed by an American mining engineer named Jennings Cox. His recipe of rum, lime juice and sugar soon after made its debut in America thanks to Admiral Lucius Johnson, a medical officer who presented this new exotic drink at a Navy club in 1909. The appreciation for this Cuban born beverage only grew from there, it even garnered enough attention to be mentioned in a book by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

The overwhelming surge in this cocktail’s popularity can be credited to John F. Kennedy. After Kennedy introduced to Good Neighbour policy, in which friendly relations and mutual defence agreements were established with Latin America. After this, the love for all things Cuban began to spread like wildfire throughout the United States, and public figures like John F. Kennedy himself were known to be fans of Daiquiris.

The Daquiri has had many additions to the original recipes over the past century, with some even standing the test of time where others have failed. The most popular addition to the Daiquiri has been fruit, such as strawberries, raspberries, and even bananas, which were placed into a blender along with ice, and the traditional rum, lime juice and sugar. All of this is blended together to create a cocktail smoothie of sorts. two strawberry daiquiri cocktails frozen cocktails

Then there’s also the El Floridita Daiquiri, which is made with maraschino liqueur, or if that doesn’t sound up your street, how about the Mulata Daiquiri, which uses a combination of rum and coffee liqueur? Whatever your preference is, there’s no denying this drink’s versatility and style has lent a huge hand to its modern-day popularity.

Daquiri Recipes

original daiquiri lime juice rum and sugar cocktail image Original Daiquiri

40ml of light Rum
20ml freshly squeezed lime juice
1tsp of sugar syrup
Half fill your shaker with ice.
Add all of your ingredients.
Shake until the outside of the shaker is visibly frosty.
Strain into your glass, and optionally garnish with a slice of lime. Fruity Tipples Favourite: the Strawberry Daiquiri

50 ml Fruity Tipples Strawberry Liqueur
50 ml Rum
25 ml lime juice
2tsp strawberry conserve
Half fill your shaker with ice
Add all of your ingredients
Shake until the outside of the shaker is visibly frosty
Strain into an appropriate glass, and optionally garnish with fresh strawberries frozen strawberry daiquiri cocktail fresh strawberry Buy the Cocktail Kit
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